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Would you like to become a stallholder?

Koula Styliss, maker of preserves, and her family

Stalls at a Farmers’ Market offer something different from those at an ordinary market.  At Farmers’ Markets the idea is that even the staff on the stall are involved in producing, so that customers can ask questions direct to the people who help make the product.  It’s one of our USPs, and one of the main reasons people chose to shop with us.

In reality, this often means that the Market is a real family affair, with several generations helping out on a stall during the year, from the seasoned octogenarians to those in their first decade!

If you are interested in becoming a stallholder, more detail about each market and the cost of having a stall can be found here and the form to apply can be found here

This form is designed for you to let us know a bit more about the type of products you will be selling or what your organisation is about.

Stall pitches are in high demand so we will not be able to meet all requests for stall pitches and we need to ensure a diversity of stall types. On receipt of this form, we will decide if we can invite you apply for a stall or contact you for further information.